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Certificates and patents

Luz Negra’s led profile “easy-ON” system has been certified by Applus for its jagged cover which guarantees water-tightness of IP65 thanks to its double-siphon shape once inserted into the aluminium profile.
This certification is extended to the 29 profiles within our “easy-ON” product group.
Led profiles with “easy-ON” system:
Frankfurt, Berlín, Berlín XL, Sophia, Sophia XL, Sophia Asymmetric, Milano, Milano Slim , Roma, Roma XL, Versalles, Inferno, Florencia, Dublín , Dublín XL, ParÍs, París XL, Moscú, Moscú Mini, Moscú Slim, Moscú Magnum, Moscú Magnum Slim, Madeira, Múnich, Múnich Mini, Múnich Slim, Múnich Magnum, Múnich Magnum Slim, Sicilia .
Our profile system with “easy-ON” has been designed and manufactured by Luz Negra in Spain and is protected under patent, hence being granted via Europe an exclusive use. 
The “easy-ON” system is the result of continued research, development and innovation which we enforce at Luz Negra.
This system permits you to quickly click the cover on to the front of the profile in a fast and easy manner.
The two jagged edges allow the cover to snap on to the profile in a firm and safe way, achieving a water-tightness of IP65.
The “double siphon” prevents water and humidity from entering the profile and therefore protects the led from possible condensation and humidity deriving from bathrooms, kitchens, spas, gyms, etc and so extends the working lifespan of the product.
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