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New corporate video


Luz Negra’s corporate video. Who we are, what we do and how we do it. Read more

Kipu, lampe acoustique fabriquée à partir de bouteilles en plastique recyclées.


Kipu est une lampe insonorisante fabriquée avec de la laine PET issue du recyclage en Espagne de jusque 76 bouteilles en plastique de 2L. La laine PET est visuellement attractive et offre un excellent conditionnement acoustique avec une absorption NRC de 0,24. Testé selon norme AS1530.3. Kipu est une lampe efficiente qui donne jusque 130lm/W avec un flux maximum de 8350lm. Disponible en 2700K et 4000K, elle peut se réguler avec Dali/Push sans flicker sur toute sa plage de... Read more

New big profiles for ceiling luminaires


Here at Luz Negra we have been designing and manufacturing aluminum profiles for LED linear lighting for more than 15 years, with the aim of offering good technical lighting with the best possible light output. Currently, we have 38 models of large profiles for hanging, surface or recessing which all have the conventional square, rectangular, circular, etc shapes. These types of luminaires carry out a more basic function in lighting up a space and less attention is given to the creative and... Read more

White led profiles


Our top led profiles are now also available in textured lacquered white. It is important to bear in mind that it is essential to choose one of the 5 compatible diffusers that click inside the profile (not the Easy-ON IP65 system). We have availability in both lengths of 2 and 6 metres for our Roma XL, Berlin XL, Versalles, Sophia XL, Paris XL profiles. All currently in stock for immediate preparation. Read more

Check out our new covers made with recycled material


  We are very proud to announce that after a lot of time and effort we have managed to manufacture a cover made from 30% recycled material and which barely affects the luminosity or CRI (less than 1%). Our aluminium profiles are already recycled and recyclable, so our main mission was to achieve a recycled plastic cover which could give us the same luminous values, or even superior to those we get with the pure raw material. To tell you the truth, it has been quite a challenge, but we... Read more

Neon las Vegas Easy


  ...and here it is! Our new silicone profile, Neon Las Vegas Easy has been designed with a rear opening which means we can easily place the led strip (such as our Infinity direct at 230V) in the blink of an eye. By combining this new profile with this led strip we can achieve long stretches of up to 50m without any power supplies and without any voltage drop and with many led colours to choose from. This new neon model, where the led is placed vertically is another interesting option... Read more

led profile Kiev


...and here is our NEW led profile KIEV. This profile is perfect for recessing in ceilings and walls with reduced depths. It offers a very low UGR due to its indented shape and white frosted or transparent microprism covers. The power supply is external. This is a very technical profile which our lighting designers will just love. Read more

Neon 360º


Check out our new neon 360º! This silicone profile gives out uniform decorative lighting in 360º and can be cut every centimetre. There are many accessories available, such as hanging kits for placing in vertical or horizontal, clips, transparent rigid tubes, telescopic suspension arms, etc. This is an extremely versatile product and the perfect companion for the most creative lighting designers. It is available in 5m rolls, and in 3000K and 4000K. On request it can be... Read more

Cover with side wings


We really love to continually create new products, especially when they bring added value and new solutions to linear lighting. So here is our new cover with side wings, which is totally compatible with our XL profiles (Roma XL, Sophia XL, Berlin XL, Inferno and Versalles). It is made entirely of polycarbonate and allows us to reduce the light projection angle, meaning that we can improve the UGR level considerably. The end result being a soft side light which transforms a profile into a... Read more

Neon slim


We have launched the first silicone sleeve with a low UGR for housing flexible COB led strips inside. This new flexible neon slim has a height of only 5mm and is suitable for outdoor use (has non-yellowing treatment), offering IP66 if we correctly fix the end caps. It has a transparent front, etched with fine lines which favours a low UGR and has been specially designed to maximise the light performance with COB led strips (no dotting effect). With this product we can make luminaires which... Read more

Led strips direct at 230V


Do you happen to know anything about the most complete range of led strips (direct at 230V) on the market? Our Infinity IP67 flexible strip is available in both 9W and 14W and in 5 shades of white and in 3 different colours. These are the best 230V strips on the market, offering the best guarantees and most complete certification. They are also the only ones with 140 leds per metre which guarantees uniform lighting. We also offer our range of Ghost profiles (direct at 230V). These profiles... Read more

Led profile Monterrey


For unlimited perimeter lighting with our led profile MONTERREY Our new Monterrey profile is ideal for linear lighting for facades, buildings, petrol stations, etc. and as it has many accessories, internal/external elbows, joints and derivations, practically all linear obstacles can be tackled. It is available in 6 different colours.  It is suitable for led strips with a maximum width of 15mm and a power not greater than 20W/m. We recommend using our Infinity strip, direct at 230V as it... Read more

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