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led profile Kiev


...and here is our NEW led profile KIEV. This profile is perfect for recessing in ceilings and walls with reduced depths. It offers a very low UGR due to its indented shape and white frosted or transparent microprism covers. The power supply is external. This is a very technical profile which our lighting designers will just love. Read more

Neon 360º


Check out our new neon 360º! This silicone profile gives out uniform decorative lighting in 360º and can be cut every centimetre. There are many accessories available, such as hanging kits for placing in vertical or horizontal, clips, transparent rigid tubes, telescopic suspension arms, etc. This is an extremely versatile product and the perfect companion for the most creative lighting designers. It is available in 5m rolls, and in 3000K and 4000K. On request it can be... Read more

Cover with side wings


We really love to continually create new products, especially when they bring added value and new solutions to linear lighting. So here is our new cover with side wings, which is totally compatible with our XL profiles (Roma XL, Sophia XL, Berlin XL, Inferno and Versalles). It is made entirely of polycarbonate and allows us to reduce the light projection angle, meaning that we can improve the UGR level considerably. The end result being a soft side light which transforms a profile into a... Read more

Neon slim


We have launched the first silicone sleeve with a low UGR for housing flexible COB led strips inside. This new flexible neon slim has a height of only 5mm and is suitable for outdoor use (has non-yellowing treatment), offering IP66 if we correctly fix the end caps. It has a transparent front, etched with fine lines which favours a low UGR and has been specially designed to maximise the light performance with COB led strips (no dotting effect). With this product we can make luminaires which... Read more

Led strips direct at 230V


Do you happen to know anything about the most complete range of led strips (direct at 230V) on the market? Our Infinity IP67 flexible strip is available in both 9W and 14W and in 5 shades of white and in 3 different colours. These are the best 230V strips on the market, offering the best guarantees and most complete certification. They are also the only ones with 140 leds per metre which guarantees uniform lighting. We also offer our range of Ghost profiles (direct at 230V). These profiles... Read more

Led profile Monterrey


For unlimited perimeter lighting with our led profile MONTERREY Our new Monterrey profile is ideal for linear lighting for facades, buildings, petrol stations, etc. and as it has many accessories, internal/external elbows, joints and derivations, practically all linear obstacles can be tackled. It is available in 6 different colours.  It is suitable for led strips with a maximum width of 15mm and a power not greater than 20W/m. We recommend using our Infinity strip, direct at 230V as it... Read more

New microprism cover for small led profiles


Here at Luz Negra we have just launched the first microprism cover for small led profiles. Our new transparent microprism cover lowers the glare index (UGR) in up to 7 points which means the luminaire falls within any regulations in force.  In addition, our new microprism cover gives out an average of 25% more luminosity compared to white covers and if you don’t want to see any dotting, we recommend our COB led strips. Read more



If you are passionate about good lighting, book 11th May and come along to the Matadero-Madrid where APDI is bringing together, once again all lighting supporters, members, partners, collaborators y prescribers in an event which will be unforgettable.   AGENDA: 16:30h Welcome 17:00  Innovation in the lighting industry 19:00  Ignacio Valero + Cecilia Tenreiro: «New lightiing for the Santiago Cathedral» 20:00  Cocktail 22:00  Closure   You can... Read more

The Design Room


We are very excited to be able to participate in THE DESIGN ROOM, which will be taking place on 17th May in the “Espacio Natura” at the Hotel Maricel (Palma de Mallorca). We will be showing off, along with 15 other companies, the latest tendencies in lighting and furniture for the habitat channel. The Design Room is aimed at the professional interior furnishing and prescription channel. The invitation is extended to the entire professional community of the prescription sector... Read more

New Neon “Easy” with rear opening


IMPORTANT NEWS! We have just launched on the market, the first silicone neon profile with a rear opening, enabling easy placing of the waterproof led strip. What’s more, if we combine it with our Infinity led strip (direct at 230V), you will be able to create a neon flex of up to 50m in length and easily powered from one end – no need for any power supply and no visible voltage drop. We also offer the fixing clips and a white lacquered profile for a perfect finish! Read more

New LIWI luminaire


Stemming from the collaboration between Luz Negra and Germán González, from the company Singular Lighting, we proudly announce the arrival of LIWI !  This is a luminaire for ceiling or hanging applications with a very peculiar, yet modern and elegant design, which can be installed in individual pieces or by combining different geometric shapes. LIWI is a large, versatile lamp and has been chosen by a major insurance company for their hospital lobbies as part of their new... Read more

Collaboration between Luz Negra and Singular Lighting


Luz Negra and Germán González Garrido (member of the APDI, architect and lighting designer) have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the director of the company Singular Lighting will collaborate in the development of a collection of luminaires using as a basis the profiles manufactured by Luz Negra in Spain. The objective is to offer our public a catalogue of luminaires with excellent technical performance as well as an exclusive, elegant and modern design, where... Read more

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