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Have you tried out our web configurator?


Here at Luz Negra you can find more than 160 profiles in stock, more than 80 models of led strips and more than 90 models of luminaires, all adapting to your needs.

We do understand that sometimes it can be quite complex in locating the best option, so this is where our web configurator can help you out by quickly and easily identifying which products suit your needs.

You can select the type of profile, length, colour, etc ... until you reach the profile that is best for your project.

Our configurator also helps you choose the desired LED strip, power supply, LED modules for signage and also custom-made luminaires. 

It is an essential and free tool that will, without any doubt make your task easier. 

You can find this tool in our led profile, ecoled and skyled sections, at the top part of our web and under the title of each subdivision.


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