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When to use LEDs at 12V - 24V - 48V - 230V?


The other day a customer asked me if the strips were better at 24V or 12V. Lately most companies have opted for 24V, but that doesn´t mean that 12V strips are worse, it just depends on their use. Below you can see our recommendation regarding which type of strip to use, according to each situation. We hope it will be useful.

When to use LEDs at 12V - 24V - 48V - 230V? 

The length of the luminaire will usually help us to determine which option is best for each case.

12 volts: We will use a 12V strip like our ecoled Ibiza for very short sections (up to 1 metre) since they usually have a shorter cutting length (especially in strips with few LEDs per metre). This will allow us to adjust the desired size of the luminaire to the maximum without leaving shadows at the ends from having to adjust the cutting length.

24 volts: If it is a luminaire up to approx 10-15 metres (depending on the power of the LED strip and if it has a current stabilizer) it’s better to use 24V like our Elite series because it gives less voltage drop (loss of progressive luminosity).

48 volts: For up to 25 metres the option of a 48V strip, such as our Castellón model,  is a great choice because it allows us to illuminate up to 25-30 metres if we feed from one end (open circuit) and up to 50 metres if we feed the strip from both ends (closed circuit). This strip is at the limit of what is considered a very low voltage and the regulations and normatives are inferior than the low tension at which the 230V strips work at.

230 volts: For the option at 230V we recommend our Infinity series for lengths where you don’t want to use any external power supply. As for the lengths, you can install up to 50 metres (always with the electrical feed from one end) without any significant voltage drop. 

In this case we must bear in mind that the 230V strips have a relevant flicker so they are not recommended in continuous work areas such as offices but are perfect for perimeter lighting in buildings, corridors and similar. 

Very important: When working with 230V strips and for extra safety, ALWAYS use those that are filled with silicone inside along with an additional external silicone cover. Any small cuts or damage on the cover during installation could mean water or moisture entering inside and then we would have serious problems.

If you have any questions or doubts, here at Luz Negra we have been working with LED strips since 2006 and we are highly qualified in this field so as to give you corresponding professional advice. It will be a pleasure to help you out.


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