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New NEONS with integrated light


Here at Luz Negra, we are pleased to announce a significant growth in our prestigious neon collection with new models equipped with integrated light that mark a milestone in the field of lighting solutions. Originally, our collection stood out for having 12 exceptional silicone profiles, recognized for their high quality and also for their versatility in accommodating LED strips that can be customised in terms of colour and length. These profiles, ideal for creating texts and decorative perimeter lighting designs, adapt perfectly to both outdoor and indoor environments and are endorsed by their IP67 certification. 

The expansion of our line includes the exclusive addition of 7 silicone profiles with a soft-touch finish, equipped with an opaline front and an integrated light source. This innovative proposal opens up new possibilities for lighting projects, from the enhancement of coves and cornices to the implementation of decorative perimeter lighting solutions and the creation of letters and advertising texts with a strong visual impact.

We distinguish our latest series of neons by using high quality gaseous silica gel, which guarantees its resistance to yellowing, the damaging effects of UV rays, saltpeter corrosion, high temperatures and provides flame retardant properties. These characteristics give our products exceptional durability and long-lasting aesthetics.

Each model in this series offers an IP65 or IP67 protection level, complemented by robust UV protection, ensuring its suitability for outdoor applications and for humid areas. In order to maintain the integrity of the installation, it is crucial to properly seal the connector and end cap with the specified silicone, thus ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

In addition, our collection is enriched with a variety of 5 monochrome models, available in a wide spectrum of shades and colours and is complemented by 2 RGB models. This diversity offers an extensive range of options to meet the specific lighting preferences and requirements of our customers. We offer the option of purchasing these products both in full rolls and cut to size, ready for installation.

At Luz Negra, our commitment is to constantly exceed our customers' expectations, offering cutting-edge products and tailored solutions. We urge our esteemed customers to contact our sales department or their assigned personal agent for more information. We are dedicated to providing expert advice and comprehensive answers to your queries, ensuring an exceptional service experience.

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