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New LIWI luminaire


Stemming from the collaboration between Luz Negra and Germán González, from the company Singular Lighting, we proudly announce the arrival of LIWI ! 

This is a luminaire for ceiling or hanging applications with a very peculiar, yet modern and elegant design, which can be installed in individual pieces or by combining different geometric shapes.

LIWI is a large, versatile lamp and has been chosen by a major insurance company for their hospital lobbies as part of their new corporate architecture.

The main feature of LIWI lies in its sustainable manufacturing, using recycled aluminum profiles, FSC certified wooden panels and plastic-free packaging.

The high-efficiency LEDs and the dimmable drivers used in its construction permit considerable energy savings, making LIWI an excellent choice for those companies seeking to reduce their energy consumption and also to minimize the carbon footprint , yet at the same time, providing a quality design to their spaces. 

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