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New laboratory in our Barcelona facilities


Luz Negra has its own laboratory, where exhaustive quality controls are carried out on the prime materials and also on the manufactured products before they are provided to our customers.

Although the main readings are carried out by the 2 most technologically advanced machines, spectroradiometer (with an integrated sphere of 1500mm) and a goniophotometer (with a 40m2 dark room), we also have other machinery such as a waterproofing tank, a salt spray chamber, a temperature and humidity chamber and machines which allow us to carry out torsion tests on flexible strips and resistance tests on the welding, joints, adhesive tape, etc. 

This equipment allows us to carry out other tests, such as:
*Ageing tests.
*Waterproofing tests.
*Salinity tests.
*Blurring and light dispersion tests.
*Thermal stress from -40º to +80º (soon available).

Tests and more common readings:

Power (Watts)
Votage (Volts)
Intensity (Amperes)
Luminosity (Lumens)
Colour temperature (Kelvin degrees)
Energetic efficiency (Lumen/Watt)
lluminance (Luxes)
Frequence (Herz)
Power factor
Luminous distribution cone
Plugins for DIALUX
Plugins for RELUX
CRI R1-R15 (Colour Rendering Index)
UGR (Unified Glare Rating)
Chromaticity diagram
Dominating curve width
SDCM (Step Mcadams)


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